MockItNow: Sample Code Added

I’ve just uploaded a sample project for MockItNow to Google Code. Get it here.

This file includes the Examples project, the latest version of MockItNow, and UnitTest++. The projects are provided in Visual Studio 2005 format, and should compile out of the box.

Please note that this is a slightly modified version of UnitTest++, since the current release doesn’t catch std::exception in all cases. I’m going to work with Charles at some point to integrate these changes back into the main branch of UnitTest++.

I’ve provided three configurations for the Examples project: Debug, Release and Final. Debug and Release configurations both run the unit tests, but Final has optimizations turned on, and so does not run the tests.

If you’re just interested in seeing what the the test code looks like when using MockItNow, you can browse the example file.